Tips for Raking

We hope everybody who visits Back to Basics Chiropractic in Kennewick feels good enough to do yard work this fall. Raking provides an opportunity to get much-needed exercise and Vitamin D from sunlight. However, it is important to follow the proper procedure to avoid injuries. We want our patients to start the winter holidays pain-free, so we thought we should provide a guide to raking safety.

Before you begin, you’ll need to make sure you have the right clothes and equipment. A rake should have a long enough handle for you to use without needing to bend, but it should be lightweight. Clothing should also be form-fitting and made of breathable material. You’ll need to make sure nothing is dangling from it that could get caught. It’s also important to pick shoes that are close-toed and have slip-resistant soles.

Pick a day to rake when it’s dry so the leaves won’t be too heavy. Before you begin, do a warm-up that includes a lot of dynamic stretches so blood will be flowing through your limbs. This will make you less likely to strain a muscle. While raking, stand next to the pile with your feet in a scissor-position and your knees unlocked. Alternate which hand is higher on the rake about every five minutes, so your joints won’t be under pressure from the same direction for too long. As you fill the leaf bag, test whether you can lift it without struggling. Do a cool-down when you’re finished. And remember as you pick up leaves that it’s better to squat down and rise up or to bend with your hips than to bend with your lower back.

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