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Chiropractic Massage Therapy

We’ve all seen massage advertised by spas as an indulgence or pampering, but the long-practiced therapy has many health benefits and has helped patients of Back to Basics Chiropractic heal.  Combining chiropractic treatment with massage therapy helps improve a patient’s overall musculoskeletal health and functionality. Another benefit of massage therapy is it releases toxins built up in the muscles, which can then exit the body. This purge of toxins is important for chiropractic patients and anyone with injuries because it helps the body heal itself.
Chiropractic massages are still performed in a calm, soothing environment.  Relaxation cannot heal injuries on its own but is still important to overall health, especially for patients with chronic pain or stress.  Your massage therapist can target problem areas, or focus on relaxing certain muscles in order to help your chiropractor perform an adjustment. Regular massage also increases circulation and flexibility, which makes this therapy…

Therapeutic Exercise

Most of us are no strangers to pain. Once we feel it, our first instinct is to make it stop. There are several methods of relieving pain, but today we are going to discuss therapeutic exercise. With therapeutic exercise, pain is relieved through active techniques and exercises that stretch sore muscles and increase a patient’s flexibility. Depending on the injury location, one of our doctors at Back to Basics Chiropractic will develop an individualized treatment plan.
The ultimate goal of a therapeutic exercise program is to ultimately eliminate pain and improve a person’s range-of-motion and increase flexibility. Additionally, through different exercises, a patient may restore physical function, improve overall health status, and enhance a patient’s capabilities. Our doctors will help you regain the level of activity you were at prior to being injured.  
If you have questions or concerns regarding chiropractic care or therapeutic exercise, please give us a call. To learn about services…

Pinched Nerves

Many of the body’s ailments can be attributed to pinched nerves. Put simply, this means that when nerves are under pressure due to inflammation or other dislocated body parts, they are less effective at transmitting messages to and from the brain. At Back to Basics Chiropractic in Kennewick, we offer a variety of treatments for relieving pinched nerves throughout the body.
Pinched nerves can cause severe pain, but that isn’t the only symptom. Sometimes, a pinch will be felt as tingling or numbness. These sensations may be felt at the location of the pinch or they may radiate outward toward a part of the body controlled by that nerve. For example, sciatica is compression of the sciatic nerve, which travels from the spinal cord down the thigh. The pinch is often in the spinal column but felt in the leg.
The first part of our treatment will be determining where exactly the pain is coming from. For this, we will need to do imaging tests such as x-rays as well as tactile examinations. Once a…